Why Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall is Wasting Your Money

Spaghetti Wall

Pretty please, with hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry on top stop throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks, as a marketing strategy. This is the basic plea of marketers everywhere.

You know the routine, multiple marketing initiatives gets thrown at the proverbial wall (put into the market place).  Then the client/boss/owner wants to know –  what made it stick? (What worked and why?).

The problem is that it’s a mess and hard to tell.  The initiatives weren’t planned, there wasn’t a strategy, there were too many variables and it couldn’t be tracked. These are just a few of the issues with using the “throwing spaghetti at the wall” marketing method.

Good money is spent to increase business, but you don’t really know what did or didn’t work and worst you don’t know what the ROI (return on investment ) is.  Should you do it again?  Spend more?  Spend Less?

If we really were talking about spaghetti and what made it stick we’d want to know – how was it cooked?  Was oil or butter used? Neither? Both? Was a little water left in the pot so the starch would make it stickier? Or did the extra water just make the spaghetti slide down the wall?

Wait, there was also a fresh coat of paint on the wall?  And maybe a finish so things wouldn’t stick?

And the sauce?  Homemade? Jar? What brand? With or without meat? Chunky Garden?

You get the picture.

The solution to this is to create a marketing plan.  It will give you a road map to follow throughout the year.  You’ll be able to execute your strategy and do an analysis as time goes on to see if the initiatives are working.  Then you can change your course as needed.  It might be stop and try something else, or put more money towards it.

Do you use a marketing plan or media plan?  Is there something about creating one that you get stuck on?  Tell us about it in the comments.

If you’d like to learn how to create a marketing plan or would like a marketing plan created for you MAP Solutions group can help.
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