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Hello! Welcome!
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We have been hard at work, behind the scenes, during Quarantine 2020 and are super excited to share our new website and new blog with you! Have you seen that snazzy new logo?!?

We love and appreciate our clients. 2020 has been unlike any other and it provided us the opportunity to slow down in a way that never would have happened otherwise. We took the time to look at Map Solutions Group and decided we want to build a bigger marketing support community. There are a lot of business owners and marketers that could use just a bit more support.

Our Founder/ CEO, Monique, has three older siblings and has been lucky enough to learn from watching them navigate life first. She does not need to touch the hot stove to know she’ll get burned. She doesn’t want you to touch the proverbial hot stove of marketing and get burned either. We’ll share our marketing knowledge, tips, tricks and experience to make your marketing endeavors easier.

We want to hear your thoughts on the blogs. Share what you’ve learned, questions you might have, or additional words of wisdom.

We’d love to answer your marketing questions in upcoming blogs, so be sure to leave your questions in the comments section below.

It is our sandbox- so any comments that are inappropriate, mean, hateful, derogatory, unnecessary, do not add value to the community, or that we deem disruptive will be deleted and we may ban you. So, please, don’t be that troll.

We’re also launching a new newsletter- we’re excited too! Sign up today and have these golden nuggets conveniently delivered to your inbox! Click this link, sign up and you’ll receive our free guide – Six Things Your Clients Need to Know – An Easy Checklist to Increase Your Conversions.

Also, if you haven’t already- follow, add, engage and all things fun on our social media.

Here are the links for easy clicking-

Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate your time. MAP Solutions Group provides dynamic marketing solutions through innovative strategy, precise execution and effective coaching, unique to each client’s goals. Interested in working together? Connect with us.

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