What if Social Media Goes Away?

What if social media goes away?

We’ve been doing this marketing thing for a long time and have seen marketing methods, types of media and audience consumption change over the years.

Currently, we are at peak social media marketing. There are zero barriers to entry, no cost and anyone can do it. The majority of businesses use social media to connect and share information with their target audience- a new product, a special offer, different hours of operation, etc. Resulting in a large part of their customer database being via social media and not having direct access.

The social media platforms have had a bit of their own drama recently. Think Twitter and Elon Musk, or the concerns with data and Tik Tok. If social media was to go away or if they just disabled your account, what would you do? Are you still able to effectively communicate with your customers?

If you’re not prepared, you’ll be looking for the nearest brown paper bag to help control your hyperventilating, while trying to settle your stomach and thinking, “It’s gone. It’s ALL gone.” Can you even imagine?

The solution: Start an email database. Collect email addresses. If you don’t have a CRM (customer relationship management system) use Excel. Because something is better than nothing.

We can help you get started and we can help you optimize those email addresses, email us today to get started!

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