Batching is a game changer!

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I moved a while back and I was prepared! Newsletters, blogs, and social media were written, created and scheduled (because we all know moving is NOT a one-day affair).

Not having to worry about that side of MAP Solutions Group during the chaos of a move was fantastic! We were good to go for a few weeks…but then, after the move, I got sick. I couldn’t concentrate and I wasn’t confident the words coming out my mouth were coherent. Not putting anything out was better than error-laden content.

If you’re wondering what is batching?  Please allow me to share about it with you.

Batching(v) dedicating blocks of time to similar tasks to decrease distractions and increase productivity

I love all things batching –batch writing, batch creating, batch scheduling (even batch cooking). If I hadn’t done my due diligence and batched scheduled in advance, most likely, MAP Solutions Group would’ve been off the grid during the move in addition to when I was ill.

Batching your work is a useful practice regardless of the size of your business, or the type of work. It allows you to concentrate, get in a groove, and not waste time refocusing, or trying to remember where you left off.

I constantly talk about the importance of batching with my clients. Especially batch scheduling social media, because not only does it help with productivity, but also once it’s done you don’t have to think about that task, for a while, and that’s a huge stress reliever!

10/10- batching is a habit I highly recommend. If you’d like to learn more about how to effectively batch for your business, send us a quick email (

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