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What are you reading this blog on? Your phone? Your desktop?

Did you know that most people now use their phones to scroll through social media and search the internet?

Granted, if someone has a desk job, they’ll be at their desks and possibly scrolling through social media more than someone who doesn’t spend their day at a desk.  Will it be on their work computer or on their phone?

Think about it- people come home from a long day at work. Grab some dinner and plop down on the couch in front of the TV. Now I also have plenty of friends who plop down in front of their laptop (or rather plop their laptop on their lap) to stream their shows and unwind from the day (for some this doesn’t happen until after their kids are in bed).

You know what else they do while they unwind and enjoy their show? The same thing you do- scroll on their phone. I recently saw a meme that said Netflix needs a category called – easy series to consume while scrolling on your phone. I agree.

Perhaps someone is out running errands and want to quickly look something up – it’s on their phone.

Or if they’re like me (and probably you), they’re lying in bed endlessly scrolling on their phone.

Keep this in mind- when you or your team sit at a desk during the day and look at the company website, they’re looking at it on a desktop/laptop. They’re not having the same user experience as the majority of your customers.

It’s important to test your website and its functionality on mobile devices. Quarterly is a good range on how frequently it should be tested. If you have the resources, monthly is fantastic! Websites should often be clicked though to be sure all links, buttons, etc. are working and there are no broken links or 404 Error pages.

Fun Fact  iOS and Windows react to some programming differently and therefore the user experience may be different. Be sure to test your website on an iPhone and on an Android.

Another Fun Fact  Mobile is for phones. Tablet is for iPads and is how your website will react if the window is made smaller on devices such as a Window’s Surface.

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