To Duplicate Content, Or Not To Duplicate Content?

Sharing Social Media Content

A few months ago, I had a conversation with a client about posting unique content on each social media platform. They had heard that duplicate content on Instagram and Facebook is a no, no and they wanted to know if it was true.

Yes, unique content is amazing and is the best practice. AND it’s a sugar-ton of work! I think there are a variety of variables to consider and repurposing content is sometimes the better solution.

Do you have the desire to do it?

I know this client detests Facebook and has no desire to be on Facebook.  Yup, it’s borderline painful for them to just login and post.

This means that there’s an 85% chance that if unique content is needed and has to be posted to Facebook, it most likely will not happen.  Let’s be realistic – if you don’t like the platform it might not get done and if it does there a good chance it’s going to be rushed and not well executed.

Are you ACTUALLY going to create and post unique content for each platform?  Do you have the time/manpower/resources?

If you don’t have the resources to create and post unique content on each platform- share, repurpose, duplicate!

Facebook and Instagram have different audiences and “best practices” for each platform. For example hashtags aren’t as prevalent on Facebook, but are essential on Instagram.

In this day and age- a lot of people don’t toggle between both.  They tend to prefer and spend the bulk of their time scrolling on Instagram or Facebook.  That combined with algorithms – publishing the same content can be done.

If taking a good picture, having a cute caption and clever hashtags makes you happy – Yes!  Share the content across the two platforms!

Do you have an Instagram aesthetic?

If you have an Instagram aesthetic than sharing may not work for you. Facebook allows you to share links in a post, while Instagram doesn’t.  If your Instagram has a particular feel, publishing a Facebook post on it is going to disrupt that vibe.

Facebook and Instagram are by far more interchangeable when it comes to content than say- Twitter. The format is completely different and it doesn’t translate as well or as easily.  

Tips if you are using the same content…

Make sure the images are sized correctly.  Facebook is more forgiving than Instagram.  Create the image sized for Instagram and not Facebook.  Then share the Instagram image on Facebook.

By simply removing the abundance of hashtags from the Instagram post for the Facebook post, or conversely adding hashtags to your Instagram post your page will look more tailored and less like you’ve simply copied and pasted your content.

Is unique content preferred?  Yes.

Does it have to be? No, not at all. Having a presence and exposure is even more important!

Is there something about creating content that you get stuck on?  What is your biggest social media challenge?  Tell us about it in the comments below.


If you’d like to learn how to create effective social media content, how to plan it, or if you’d like it created for you MAP Solutions Group can help. Connect with us today – or 475-201-7200.

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