Summer = Mid-Year Review

Mid-Year Review

Now that summer is here and we are more than halfway through the year, if you haven’t already, it’s time to do a mid-year review. Sometimes we get so busy doing we forget to stop and take inventory of what we’ve done, what’s worked and what hasn’t worked.

A plan is a must-have. It gives direction and goals and outlines the marketing variables. However, it not only has to be planned, but it also has to be executed and it needs to be reviewed and assessed.

-What was planned
-What was executed
-What wasn’t executed
-What was/is successful (each initiative may have a different criteria)
-What wasn’t successful
-Why wasn’t it
-What would you do again
-What would you never do again
-ROI- Return on Investment (time and money)

This type of evaluation can be done on a marketing plan, media plan, social media plan, or even drill down on social media analytics to learn how various types of content perform.

Now is a good time to take a snapshot of the year thus far. This analysis will help you course correct and have more success for the remainder of the year. It will also be helpful in a few months when you start planning for next year (it’s coming fast).

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