Is Spring Your Business’ Friend or Foe?

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Spring has finally entered the vicinity! (That is if you’re in the northeast). Spring isn’t just warmer temperatures, birds loudly chirping at 6am, new flowers blooming, and deer sunbathing in your backyard (pic below). Spring is a season, in business, comparable to December and the holidays.

During the holidays we know that retail is booming, baking supplies are flying off the shelves and holiday parties are bountiful.

In Spring we’re busy with graduations, weddings, First Communions, Confirmations, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, proms, moving up ceremonies, year-end celebrations, and let’s not forget Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

If you’re in food services (catering, restaurant, venues, etc.), photography, hair, make-up, bands/DJs, formal attire, limo, party-planning, florist, or any of the other industries that support and make these events possible- you are, or are about to be, in the thick of it.

I’m curious- what steps did you take to make sure that your business fully optimized its earning potential during this peak season?

Now, if Spring isn’t your peak season, I can relate. I spent the majority of my career working in attractions and the entertainment industry; it is so difficult to get visitors through the door this time of year. It led to some very creative marketing initiatives. My question for you is similar, what actions have you taken to offset this time of year and what are you doing to optimize your peak season when it rolls around?

Every industry has a seasonality and it’s important to plan in advance how to market and maximize it for your business. It’s equally important to plan how to leverage your off-peak season.

If your answer to either of the questions above was – nothing, not enough, I didn’t, I don’t know how, etc. drop us a line, because we can help you plan and market according to your peak and off-peak seasons.

Happy Spring!


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