Email Segmentation is Key

Email Segmentation

June is a tough month for me.  I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio. I avoid streaming services with commercials. I try to avoid stores, especially the card/party aisles and dread the endless Father’s Day promotional emails that inundate my inbox. I lost my father four years ago and every marketing message is a reminder.

Earlier this week I received an email from DoorDash giving me the opportunity to opt-out of Father’s Day promotions. I remember seeing one for Mother’s Day and thinking it was such a smart idea. Only this time I did click the opt-out button and I was so appreciative to have one less constant reminder.

This is the only company that I have received that option from and it demonstrates the awareness and compassion that they have for people, for their customers. And they give their customers a choice. That’s powerful.

The marketer in me thinks it’s absolutely genius! This is such a great example of excellent email segmentation and the impact it can have.

It made my life easier
-They empowered me by giving me the choice to opt-out
-I have a positive impression of DoorDash
-They can retarget me with the same promo- but with messaging I’ll actually open and not just delete
-It will increase their open rates
-The email got engagement from me
-They know my preference for the future emails
-I’m writing about it on my company’s blog
-It was featured in our newsletter (signup here)
-Let’s not forget @mapsolutionsgroup Facebook and Instagram

Utterly brilliant!

If your company does email marketing, take a step back and look at how you could be doing it better.  Need help?  Let me know.


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